Friday, November 19, 2010

Open Coke, Open Happiness!


It's raining Coke and lots of Coke

On January 12, 2010, hidden cameras were placed in campuses to observe how students will react to Coca-Cola's "Happiness Machine". Students unexpectedly receive a Coca-Cola drink more than the amount they've bought. As you can see, students who are caught in tape showed their positive reactions towards the campaign which signifies the success of Coke's Open Happiness campaign.

The first time I saw this amazing video, I just wished that Coke would visit our campus next. Kidding aside, I believe that such marketing campaigns would somehow overthrow traditional advertising not just because they're cheaper but because those campaigns would definitely leave a mark.

Coca-Coca's Open Happiness campaign only implies that happiness can be found in  an unexpected time and place. It's not about spending tons of money, buying what you want, or traveling in the world's most beautiful places. It's all about sharing, loving and spending time with the special people. It's about giving, forgiving, accepting and feeling grateful for what you have. Happiness comes from the heart. We cannot fake happiness; it just comes out, then we smile and burst with laughter (sometimes with tears). And that's how I define happiness.

Enjoy life, experience happiness!

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